GLSEQ introduces the

Severe Accident Information System (SAIS)

Providing advanced accident information for the modern nuclear plant

Adds advanced analytics to the GLSEQ Hydrogen Oxygen Monitoring System!

Provides significantly advanced features for the modern nuclear plant


Hydrogen Oxygen Monitoring System Integration

Operators have a direct interface with each GLSEQ HOMS with GLSEQ’s SAIS.

The SAIS integrates all HOMS in a plant into a single location and allows operator selectable location-specific information.


Real-time hydrogen explosive risk information

The SAIS provides a graphical interface with centralized condition monitoring capability, event reporting, alarms, and SA mitigation recommendations.

SAIS Mounting and Functionality

SAIS is mounted in a seismic cabinet with a central interface for SA information, provides IEEE 497 Post Accident Monitoring Type F instrument data, has electronic storage for up to 1 year, monitors all HOMS per plant, and provides analog and digital outputs for connection to other plant instrumentation and alarms.

One for all

Only one SAIS is needed per nuclear plant because it integrates the signals from up to 15 HOMS.

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