Waste Management Services

Increase the efficiency of your nuclear waste manaegment services.


Our specialized professional services are designed to increase the efficiency of your waste management operations.

Our services include all aspects of managing Low-Level Radioactive, NORM, Mixed, Below Regulatory Concern (BRC), and Hazardous waste generated from the operation of your facilities.

Need help choosing the proper packaging and storage of Intermediate and High-Level radioactive waste including spent fuel and transuranic (TRU) materials?


Our expert, Gene Gleason, has over four decades of professional experience in all aspects of waste management. He possesses a unique blend of governmental and business experience in the nuclear and hazardous waste industry. Gene held several senior positions in the government and private sector before joining GLSEQ LLC.

Mr. Gleason served as the Deputy and Acting Commissioner of the New York State Energy Office for twenty years where he managed the complex New York State NRC Agreement States program, helped create and administer the New York State Low Level and High Level Radioactive Waste programs, and helped fashion the NRC LLRW Management program regulations and procedures (10CFR61).


Regulatory training, operations training, and commercial vendor support

Expert Analysis

- On-Site Waste Minimization and Improvement
- Offsite Waste Processing and Disposal Options for Waste
- Cost Analyses of Waste Management and Disposal Options
- Technological Reviews to Improve the Management of On-site Storage Facilities for High-level, TRU, Intermediate, and Other waste Types
- Commercial Vendor and Regulatory Support

Regulatory Operations

Let us assist you in Regulatory Compliance audits, Operational Practice Audits, or Waste Packaging Audits

Disposal Options

Discuss your options for offsite waste disposal and processing options.

Take Advantage of Our Experience

I grew a successful nuclear and hazardous waste consulting business that served several major commercial clients, helped create and expand the low level radioactive and mixed waste management and disposal services provided by Envirocare of Utah (currently Energy Solutions, LLC), and served as a senior member of the original MHF Logistical Solutions, LLC team that introduced and expanded the use of rail, new container and soft sided packaging technologies for hazardous and all categories of low level and high level radioactive wastes throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

Gene Gleason, GLSEQ Vice President Business Development