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Nuclear Power Plant Fiber Optic Cables

GLS and CableLAN - the ONLY place for nuclear power plant fiber optic and electrical communication cablesGLS, working with CableLAN Products, qualified fiber optic cable to the requirements of IEEE Std-323-1974 for use in the nuclear power industry. 

The fiber optic cables manufactured by Draka (formerly Chromatic Technologies) achieved less than 5 dB loss per km at a Total Integrated Dose of 5E3 Rads. The cable was also tested at multiple dose rates and received a total dose tested that exceeded 70,000 Rads.

CableLAN Products supplies Fiber optic, category 5e and category 6 communication cables specifically designed for nuclear power plants, built under a 10CFR50, Appendix B quality assurance program. CableLAN is the exclusive world-wide distributor of and Category 5e cables made by Champlain Cables.

Draka, the world's largest manufacturer of multimode optical fiber and one of the top 3 suppliers of singlemode fiber, is the world's only integrated fiber and cable manufacturer with an Appendix B program. Draka's multimode optical fiber, made by a proprietary plasma chemical vapor deposition (PCVD) process, has outstanding optical performance and superior radiation resistance.

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