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Expert Materials Analyst +

GLSEQ's Expert Materials Aging and Radiation Effects Software*

Featuring Calculations for:
  • Residual Qualified Life,
  • Multi-baseline
  • Simple Qualified Life
  • Qualified Life with Heat Rise
  • Expected Life
  • DBA Test versus Requirements for Both Temperature and Pressure Profiles
  • Arrhenius Linear Regression, with 2, 3 and 4 point templates
  • Post Accident Operating Time
  • Arrhenius Properties from Expected Life
  • Arrhenius Activation Energy Conversion kcal/mole to eV
  • Degradation Equivalency
  • Weighted Average Temperature

Fluid Compatibility

The Fluid Compatibility section identifies the affect of fluids on seals of common materials. The effect on eleven types of Dynamic seals and three types of Static seals are categorized into one of the following:
  • Satisfactory
  • Fair (Usually okay for Static Seal)
  • Doubtful (sometimes okay for Static Seal)
  • Unsatisfactory
  • X. Insufficient Data

Two Versions Available

  • Commercial Grade Version — Formulas are protected and visible for ease of verification (Multi-site License)
  • Appendix B Version — Includes software V&V and Quality Assurance Audit privileges (Multi-site License)
*Ideally suited for nuclear power plant Class 1E safety related applications including License Renewal